10-20-30: Where Was I When?

Ok, so this is a fun variation on the “tag” thing:

10-20-30. My friend Mary began it, my friend Carla Steward tagged me. So here goes. What were you doing 10, 20, 30 years ago?

Ten Years Ago: I was living in Dallas, still mourning my best friend’s move to Rowlett. I had a 3, 4, and 6 year old at home. After coming home from a weekend retreat that fall, my husband told me that if God wanted us to move to Rowlett, he was willing. A few weeks later, the lot NEXT DOOR to my best friend was released for sale. We bought it and began building our house. Writing was a latent dream. All my energy was spent figuring out how to deal with my children.

Twenty Years Ago: I married in June and moved to Dallas where my husband started law school at SMU. We were young and in love and loving the freedom of our own apartment two blocks from campus. I was finishing my undergraduate degree in history with the goal of writing Christian historical novels.

Thirty Years Ago: I was living in Ft. Worth. I switched schools that year, beginning fifth grade at a Christian school which required me to wear dresses every day! Yuck! I was skinny, wore big glasses and had just had my hair cut in a Dorothy Hamill wedge. I devoured books and had just discovered that I loved to write, too.

So, to further Mary’s experiment into how far into the blogosphere we can reach, I’m tagging a few friends:


Post your answers to 10-20-30 and link back to Mary’s blog or leave a comment and let her know how you came to participate.

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  1. D’Ann,
    Oh, what a great way to start a Monday! As soon as I get my head above water–and stop crying about the Cowboys’ loss–I’ll post an answer. Thanks…sort of.

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