100 Years Young

If you are connected with me on Twitter or Facebook, you might know that my husband’s grandmother turned 100 years old on Easter Sunday. We had a great time celebrating with her and with family, although one of our children couldn’t make it due to work/school/airline schedules that didn’t work to get him there. Over 100 people came to a birthday open house. She remarked several times, “I didn’t know I had so many friends!”

Seriously, she’s an amazing lady who takes no medication, can follow every conversation that she can hear (her hearing isn’t so great), and has her sense of humor still completely intact! She lives with her widowed daughter, likes watching Pittsburgh Steelers football while wearing either her Jerome Bettis or Troy Polamalu jersey, playing Parcheesi with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and doing word find puzzles. She’s even read a couple of my books! She has never driven a car and never been swimming, but she loves to ride in a boat. She is a woman of great faith who loves her family. What an honor to be able to celebrate such a milestone with her–and what a blessing that she was able to enjoy every minute of it! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.


Grandma Mateer–100 years of life!


A lovely cupcake assortment, all made by one of Grandma’s great-granddaughters!


Table decor with keepsakes magnets for guests.


A few pictures from Grandma’s past. We also had a slide-show of pictures that my 11 year old nephew put together!


Our family (minus our middle son) with Grandma at her party.


4 comments on “100 Years Young

  1. What a wonderful celebration, Anne! And lovely pics. Thanks for sharing your joy! What a blessing God has given you all. ~Joyce

  2. Happy Birthday Grandma Mateer!Oh, how wonderful!!! Everything looked so lovely. I know she had a fun time. Live the pictures.

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