The good news: I managed 2274 words on my WIP yesterday.

The bad news: I attended my monthly writers group last night and heard an excellent talk on story structure and now I need to rethink and rework parts of my WIP.

The good news: A man was at writers group who I know but who has never attended before. I had written down his name as someone I’d like to talk to about some research points of a half-finished story. He told me he’d answer my questions!

The bad news: Today is another day where my writing time is being squeezed out due to an appointment with my child. So instead of a writing day, it’s a faith day–a day that challenges me to believe that God is ultimately in control of my writing and my time.

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  1. Thanks for both the encouragment and the comisseration (is that how it’s spelled? Where’s spell check when you need it!)

    And you are right, Rachelle. Every day is a faith day. I needed that reminder!

  2. D’Ann,
    I admire you for doing all the many things you do as a mother, while still getting some writing–any writing–done. I’ve come to know that, if women didn’t know how to multi-task, nothing in this world would ever be accomplished.
    Blessings. I expect God to do great things through you before He’s finished.

  3. Well, I know you realize this… but everyday is a faith day, isn’t it? Even some of our planned writing days or fun days or shopping days often get up-ended (especially if you’re a mom). God has His own plans!

    Like here in Colorado, for instance, I’ve been planning that tomorrow (Friday) would be a get-a-lot-of-work-done day. But guess what, we have a blizzard coming in! And that means… SNOW DAY! Which means… no-work-gets-done day!

    Anyway, I completely relate. Yes, it’s all about trusting Him, isn’t it? I am encouraged and inspired by your perseverance anyway. Keep going!

  4. Those days are hard, which makes it all the more awesome that He is faithful. Sounds like you’re making some good progress, though!

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