A Glimpse of the Future

We went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend. I love weddings, as most women do. But until now I’ve sat in pews thinking wistfully of my own wedding day, of how young and idealistic we were, how the years that stretched out before us are quickly flying by.

This time, I had none of those thoughts. Instead, sitting next to my three teenagers, I realized how close I am to being mother of the bride or groom! I watched the parents, noticing their graciousness to their children and all the guests. I mentally took notes of service arrangements and reception ideas. Of course, all my husband could see was dollar signs!! (Thank goodness we only have one girl!)

But instead of depressing me, the thought encouraged me. One day in the not-too-distant future, my children will stand at the altar, young and wide-eyed, looking forward to the coming years with the one they love. The thought doesn’t sadden me, but it sobers me. It drives me again to my knees, praying that God will work in the hearts of each of my children so that they can bring into their marriages unselfish hearts toward their spouses and humble hearts toward the Lord.

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  1. I agree–I love weddings. Three of our four boys are married. Each wedding was totally different (we didn’t attend one which made me sad, but everything has worked out fine). I feel so fortunate that these three women love my sons, and my sons adore their wives. You can’t ask for any more than that. Now, the fun part–our youngest son will be married next summer at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim–a fairy tale wedding in the Rose Garden there. Talk about excitement. We’ve been in the midst of plans since last summer. Enjoy your teens. They are gone before you know it.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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