A Lesson in Trust

This week, I’m preparing to go on another trip with my husband. Part business, part pleasure. But as I was trying to set up a plan to meet a friend at our destination, I realized I didn’t have all the details of our trip. This isn’t unusual for me. In spite of my general title as “Keeper of the Details” at my house, travel details do not fall under my reign. I think it stems back to years and years ago when we would take trips with our kids. I had all my brain could handle just getting everyone ready to go! Hubby took care of the travel details and I learned it was a much more pleasant experience if I didn’t even ask, just trusted him to get us where we needed to be when.

Oh, I know when we have a trip planned and our destination, but I rarely pay attention to the time of our flight or the time we need to get in the car to drive. I rarely register our hotel plans or dinner plans (if any). I will ask the night before when I need to be ready to leave. And sometimes while on the trip I’ll ask for a run down of the daily itinerary, but it isn’t often I never know more than a day in advance any real schedule of events (or no events, as the case may be.) After years and years of this travel trust, it has truly become habit. I just trust Jeff. And he always gets us where we need to be.

As all this ran through my head, an amazing thought struck me: the kind of trust I have in Jeff when we travel is the same kind of trust God wants me to have in Him for my life.

I walk this earth with a general idea of the plan and the destination, but I don’t know the details. Yet I should be okay with that, because the Lord will share with me the exact details when I ask (though not often way in advance!) or when I need to know. He has never yet left me behind or unprepared or without the necessities. He has never taken me on a detour that wasn’t His intention or left me stranded in an unknown space. Like Jeff when we travel, the Lord has led me gently and faithfully and asks only that I look to Him trusting that He securely holds the details of my life.

If I can put that kind of trust in my husband when we travel, how much more should I be able to fully trust God with my life? That’s what I’ll be pondering during this trip, for I want my relationship with the Lord to be characterized by the same peace, security and freedom I feel on trips with my husband. I think God wants that, too.

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  1. Anne, Your words are so beautiful and they are so true. We don’t come into this world with a road map but we know as we turn to God, that he is our ultimate travel guide through our lives here on earth. No one can lead us better than him. Let us put one foot in front of the other and enjoy our trip.

    • Amen! Thanks for the encouragement and affirmation, Melanie! I actually needed my own words earlier this morning!

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