A New Plan

I’m not crazy.

I went through my calendar for the past few weeks and marked days where my schedule actually allowed more than a couple of consecutive free hours for writing in the course of my day. (I admit, I’ve gotten use to writing in blocks of time.) There weren’t many.

So I printed a blank April calendar, went through my schedule, and marked off the days that already won’t allow for writing time and then marked the ones that will. If I can pound out 2000 words on each of those days the first draft of my historical fiction will be finished by the end of May.

Can I do it? I can if I stay accountable to someone—and who better than my faithful blog readers? My intention is to post my word count at the end of every “W” day (writing day, as you may have surmised, or perhaps remembered from Liz Curtis Higgs’ suggestion at ACFW last year). Just having to put it out there in black and white should nudge my pride into the stubbornness it needs to complete the task.

I love writing. I just tend to put it on the back burner to deal with everyone else’s life. But if God has truly called me to write, He’ll help me find the time in the midst of life—and in spite of it.

So look for some short and sweet posts of my progress over the next few weeks (along with other posts). I’ll look forward to any encouragement you can give!

2 comments on “A New Plan

  1. Thanks, Richard. I know there will be days when life will still interfere with writing, but I’m hoping instead of wallowing in discouragment I’ll push forward so I can post a better number. (I have a tendency to wallow!)

    I’m trying to stay balanced as well as accountable!

  2. Admirable, D’Ann, but don’t get an ulcer over it. I’ve learned over the years (and I have a few years on you, young lady) that working under pressure of a self-imposed deadline may have a couple of undesirable results: you get things done, but at the cost of some gray hairs and excess stomach acid, or you say “forget it” and put the project aside completely.
    So keep on writing on those “W” days, but be aware that things may come up that make you change your plans. If that happens, don’t go ballistic. Remember, life is what happens while you’re making other plans.
    Bless your efforts.

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