A Precursor of Things to Come

We celebrated my husband’s birthday yesterday. It was a strange celebration day in many ways, and a precursor of what is to come.
We spent the day mostly in the usual Sunday ways, but in the afternoon, when present opening time came around, we had to call up our daughter via the computer so she could join in the family circle from far away. That was good, but not quite the same.
After dinner that night, one boy went to a praise and worship youth service and one went to his girlfriend’s house. So after all our birthdaying, my husband and I were alone in the house.
Then it hit me: this is what if feels like for my parents when we all come over to celebrate something or other and then we all leave again. Nice and quiet, yes, but with a bittersweet edge. All the children have their own plans, their own friends, their own lives. And while that makes me very happy (because frankly, I’m ready to have my own life again, too), I see how strange it will feel when the quiet times are broken by the chaotic ones, instead of the other way around.

4 comments on “A Precursor of Things to Come

  1. Please pass on to Jeff our birthday greetings, we thought of him yesterday!!!

    It is hard to believe how grown up your kids are!

  2. We're beginning to experience a little of that, too. I agree, it's a STRANGE feeling to realize my husband and I are alone in the house!

  3. Hey, D'Ann,
    We are there…maybe. An idea has made a whirlwind of our minds…

    Enough said for now. Enjoy the tranquility. You never know when God may nudge noise and pattering little feet back into your life!!!

  4. D'Ann, I know what you mean. I'm a few years–make that "a lot of years"–ahead of you. But I can also tell you that there are times when everyone leaves and you collapse into a chair and say, "Ahhh, peace and quiet." It all balances out.
    Have a blessed Christmas.

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