A Tidbit from Ghana

Last year, one of the most life-changing events my daughter experienced on her trip to Ghana was participating in passing out Operation Christmas Child boxes. It was a secret desire of her heart, one only the Lord could have orchestrated. It was the highlight of her trip—and maybe her life to that point.

In an update email from this year’s trip, I learned that an 8 x 10 picture of her passing out the boxes hangs outside the office of the director of World Vision in this region of Ghana. Wow! What an incredible gift to her! To have such an experience that you have treasured in your heart and then to discover that it meant enough to others, too, to warrant their constant remembrance of you in a picture must have been a bit overwhelming. And it must have been, again, a confirmation of God’s love for her and His pleasure at her service in His name.

4 comments on “A Tidbit from Ghana

  1. Yes, it is such an encouragment to me, too, to know that God sees all the little things.

    Rebecca, that is so cool that you’ve been praying for her! I love how God continually connects us in multiple ways with people.

  2. Wow, what a neat affirmation for your daughter!

    Hey, I just realized that I’ve been praying for her this past week (along with the group from HCA) due to a prayer request and constant updates from a member of our ABF.



  3. I love the “tidbits” of encouragement God loves to give. Thanks for sharing that the little things we do matter.

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