A Title for 2014!

Ok, so remember how in a last minute change, Bethany House went with my working title, A Home for My Heart, for this latest release? Remember how shocked I was–and how excited, because it was the first of my books that had a title I’d thought up?

Well lo, and behold, it’s happened again! Yes, I have a confirmed title for my 2014 release, the tale of a reluctant high school girls basketball coach in 1917-1918 Oklahoma, a story about being true to yourself. And it was my final working title! It’s called (drum roll, please) . . .


Playing by Heart

So what do you think? 

20 comments on “A Title for 2014!

  1. Anne, I love your new title, Playing by Heart. I think it fits perfectly and I can’t wait to read it. I was a basketball player many, many moons ago and I absolutely love the sport. In fact, my husband and I make a trip to Austin every year for the state basketball finals and have done so for years now. Congratulations to you, my friend.

    • How very fun, Melanie! I’m excited about all the basketball love I’m getting from readers. I never could figure out the game as a player, but I loved watching all of my kids play!

  2. Love the title! I have just discovered you through twitter so am looking forward to reading your books!

  3. Dearest Anne, at midnight last night I read the last words of “A Home For My Heart.” Splendid! Loved every word and am already anticipating next year’s release of “Playing by Heart.” Love the title and I’m very sure it will be the best yet, as each one of your books have been. May God bless you for holding the truth of His Word for others to read.


  4. I think that is awesome! You must be so thrilled. I just started reading A Home for My Heart last night. Now,I can look forward to your next book next year. And it is set in Oklahoma…yeah!!! I grew up in Texas in your neck of the woods but live just north of Tulsa now. I tried to make it to your book signing in Garland last month since I was in Greenville that weekend but I ended up having one of my days with my chronic pain issues. Maybe next time 🙂

    • I”m so sorry to hear that, Karen! (About your pain.) My grandfather was from Oklahoma and met my grandmother at Oklahoma A&M (now Oklahoma State University) and my mother was born in Tulsa. (They came to Texas shortly after that!) I’m really, really hoping to get to Oklahoma when it comes out next year, especially since I have several friends in the Tulsa area! I hope I get to meet you then! Enjoy A Home for My Heart! 🙂

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