A Turtle on a Highwire

I don’t do well talking about my writing. One reason: I don’t communicate well verbally. I mean, I do better when I WRITE something rather than say it. (Okay, if I write what I’m going to say, things are fine. But spontaneous speaking about my work or my life? Forget it!)

Things that stew and simmer in my heart come out more clearly when I write them down. But some of those things that come out need more of an audience than my journal. Not because I need an audience, but because God needs an audience. His work in my life needs to be on display, and not just through my actions.

But this little turtle, who likes to live life inside her protective shell, hesitates, unsure of the reception of others.

That’s why I love blogging. I can write about things important to me, things I think about, without having to look my audience in the eye. I guess you could call that a coward’s way out, but I see it as my safety net. Like a beginner on a highwire, I need to know something is beneath me as I inch forward, hundreds of feet above the air. That’s how I feel as I begin putting my writing into a public venue.

If, someday, the Lord sees fit to allow my words to see publication on a larger scale than they have until this point, I need to have had some practice living with my words out there. That, to me, is the beauty of blogging.

Now, no one may ever read my blog (although I know there are a few faithful followers of my ramblings), but whether my words are read or not, they are out there. And I’m learning to live with that.

11 comments on “A Turtle on a Highwire

  1. I just stumbled onto your blog, and am so happy to find you! I also am a writer, working hard to be “out there,” and finding blogging to be a sounding board, if nothing else. Thanks for your transparency.

  2. I enjoyed your musings on writing. I like the idea of practicing living with your words. Friends often comment to me about things I have written on my blog, and it reminds me of my responsibility. There are many things I do not yet feel the courage to write! I also hope to write more for a wider audience in future, as I have done some of that in the past, and it is true that blogging can be good practice in being courageous and careful at the same time.

  3. I understand the verbal communication calamity: when my husband and I can’t seem to understand each other, he sends me off with my journal. He reads what I wrote, and voila! the Rosetta code has been broken.
    I also had to come to terms with writing for the sake of writing though I may never be published or read. I have to keep writing. No choice.

  4. I’m touring the carnival now! There are so many blogs to read and not enough hours in the day!

  5. Thanks, y’all, for all the encouragement–and I loved all the blogs on the this tour of beauty that I’ve had a chance to read today (although I didn’t get to comment on all of them!)

  6. I love your image of a turtle on a high wire! I can totally picture that.
    If you are like me, you have an astounding FIVE faithful blog readers (one of which is your mother), so taking those baby turtle steps is easier.

  7. Such a good point – I was petrified to blog at first – it’s been good practice to “get out there”.

  8. I have a very few faithful readers – I think that I don’t have that “quiet and gentle” spirit that women want to read…

    But God sends people along that need to read what it is that I write, when they need to read it.


  9. You are so right–writing requires vulnerablility, it requires risk, it requires Courage to poke your head out of its shell…….and bring your thoughts into the light of day!

    I’m so glad you are coming out of your shell! I have heard it said often, to write….you must write! So ‘you go girl!” Keep it up!


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