A White Christmas

Two months ago we planned our family “Christmas” celebration for January 9. All of my siblings and their families would be in town—even my sister and her family on furlough from the mission field. We hadn’t all been under one roof for over two years. And my uncle was in town as well. We hadn’t seen him for almost 5 years!

The kids were excited to exchange presents with their cousins, each having drawn a name to buy for in early December. We all looked forward to the food and the fellowship and yes, even the noise of 13 kids and all the adults trying to talk at one time. But in all our preparations we never imagined a white “Christmas.” But that’s what we got. The cold rain we woke up to turned to snow just about the time we were all headed to Mom and Dad’s house. It was beautiful to watch, fun for the kids to play in, and generally added to the festive mood of the gathering. Quite an unexpected joy!

Have you had an unexpected take-your-breath-away moment catch you by surprise lately? I’d love to hear about it!