Ah, Fall

Fall is in the air, promising winter will come. I love the change from summer to winter, from winter to summer. It really isn’t about which season is my favorite, it’s about the fact that one will last for a while, we’ll wring every last drop from it, then it will fade into something different from what it was. So now I’m reveling in a return to jackets and crackling fires and the steam of a hot beverage warming my cold nose.

2 comments on “Ah, Fall

  1. I hear you. Fall is the best. This past week in Oklahoma, we had raging north winds, hail, and non-stop rain. It certainly got my attention. A day later, blue skies, crisp air, the glory of changing leaves, and pumpkins on front porches remained. Lovely time. Wish you could pop in and have some cocoa in Oklahoma. Enjoy the season.

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