Ahhh, Rain

We had five baseball games scheduled to be played this week between our two boys. We ended up playing 2 ½ innings of one game, total.

I love rain!

I know, it will be a headache later when makeup games are inserted into the already busy weeks to come, but I do love the unexpected time off—especially the Saturday we thought would entail about seven hours of baseball, including travel time.

Now I get to fill the day with other things, like finishing the book I’m in reading, washing the clothes that are spilling out over the laundry basket, and enjoying the brilliant sunshine that has replaced the gray of the past week.

1 comment on “Ahhh, Rain

  1. I have taken to sitting out in the rain. Not the pouring rain, but the kind that reminds me in its small “tip, tip, tips” that life is meant for relaxation too.

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