All Organized!

This summer I’ve had a goal: clean out and organize the parts of my house that hide behind cabinet and closet doors and in scary drawers. Throughout June, July, and August, I systematically worked from room to room, in between running kids and finishing my book. I wanted to have everything in order by September 1st

And yesterday, I finished! The rest of my house may be a mess, but I can open all the doors and drawers and find exactly what I’m looking for. 

At least for now.

2 comments on “All Organized!

  1. You inspired me! I cleaned out the hallway linen closet yesterday. Looked like a hermit had been living in there (or maybe that was Caleb). He did not get my “clean gene”.

  2. I have fleeting thoughts of organizing my drawers and cabinets. Thankfully, they pass quickly! I did clean out all the drawers in my bathroom two weeks ago when the hairballs in my make-up drawer made me gag.

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