An Apple a Day

In my younger years, I loved apples. I’d use that nifty tool that cores and wedges an apple with one hard push, then I’d eat the wedges dipped in peanut butter. I’m not sure when that little habit fell by the wayside, but it did. Maybe it was when I had small children and didn’t even have time to use the wedge tool—or to eat the wedges before they turned brown! Or maybe I sacrificed my snack to the children. I can’t remember. But lately I’ve renewed my apple habit.
Being grown up now, I’ve moved past peanut butter on my apples. And I’ve bypassed wedges as well. I still don’t like biting into an apple whole, so I core it then cut it into rings. I munch them plain. Or smeared with natural almond butter. Or Nutella. I cut them into smaller pieces and scatter them in a salad—a green salad or chicken salad. Sometimes I’ll even use them in place of a cracker with a packet of flavored tuna. (Herb and garlic or sweet and sour work best.)
Of course, my choice of apple has changed since long ago, as well. Now the somewhat-health-conscious me buys organic instead of regular. And my taste has moved to Gala instead of Red Delicious. But no matter the details, I can still feel good about an apple, whether part of a snack or a meal. And it is nice to rediscover something good that was once forgotten. 

3 comments on “An Apple a Day

  1. I'll have to try Honey Crisp and PInk Lady–and I'll have to get some Brie soon, too! I never thought to try it warm with an apple! Sounds amazing!

    Thanks for the suggestions, Niki and Kaye!

  2. I'm with Niki–Love Honey Crisp. But Pink Lady is my all-time favorite.

    As far as dips . . . Brie cheese! It's a little expensive, but for a wonderful treat (usually a meal substitute), I love wedging an apple and dipping it in warm, gooey Brie. It's just like an appetizer at The Melting Pot, but somewhat less expensive!

  3. I got into the apple habit when I went on my big get healthy kick the year I turned 35. At one point I was eating two or three a day!
    I like Galas and Fujis, and hate Red Delicious. But my new favorite this year is the Honey Crisp. Yummy!

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