An Introvert’s Nightmare

I am an introvert. I no longer deny it. In fact, I’ve learned that the more I embrace the way God made me, the more I walk in freedom and peace. But last week I lived an introvert’s nightmare–all good things in themselves, but mashed up into six days? I’m still shuddering!

For six straight days I was out of my house more than inside it, I was with people more than I was alone. (And by alone, that also means with just hubby. Both of us being introverts, we know how to give one another needed space.) Six. Days. By the time we reached Saturday night, we were done. Completely done. So done we skipped out on our Life Group class, which we never do, knowing neither of us could go any further.

And you know what? I couldn’t find it in myself to feel guilty. We’d expended ourselves all week. We needed to recharge. And for us, that means quiet. And alone togetherness. And lots and lots of reading. 🙂

I think God takes pleasure in us when we step out of our comfort zones in His strength and for His purposes. But I also think God takes pleasure in us when we embrace the way He made us to function on a daily basis. The key comes in discerning the time for each thing. I look back over those six days and am satisfied that I was right where I needed to be in each moment–including the 24ish hours we holed up in our house and did nothing. Why am I so satisfied? Because now it is Monday morning and I feel ready to face another day, another week. To walk in whatever God has for me. Though I have to admit, I’m thankful that this week’s calendar doesn’t look quite so full.

6 comments on “An Introvert’s Nightmare

  1. I can relate to this. I work at an elementary school. I like to have my 30 minute lunch break alone so I can read and recharge to make it through the afternoon. I’m glad when I don’t have anywhere I have to go in the evening so I can just be quiet at home. Even talking on the phone to one of my kids is sometimes too much. I love to talk to them when they call, but sometimes it takes too much from me to make a call.

    • I think this is why I couldn’t pursue teaching. And I know what you mean about even calling your kids when you are tapped out! It’s fine once you are in the conversation, but oh the effort it takes to make that call! Hang in there, Pam! Sounds like you have a good plan with your lunchtimes!

  2. I’m not an introvert, but I still have similar experiences. Right this moment, I am sitting in my favorite chair because after an exhausting run of non-stop responsibilities since last Wednesday, I can finally relax. And, I just cannot find it in me to feel guilty (plagiarism–loved that) that hubby is clearing the supper table. Being an extrovert, I just had to check Facebook before reading a book… lol… and saw your post. 🙂

  3. Oh Anne, my husband and I are introverts too. Honestly, my biggest fear of seeking a publishing house will be the commitments to leave home for book signings and speaking engagements outside my control to plan. But like you said, where the Lord leads, I know He will sustain the energy and engagement level necessary to glorify Him. Looking forward to reading A Home for My Heart next and Playing by Heart when it arrives.

    • Thanks, Jessica! Just shipped your book today! 🙂

      And I wouldn’t worry too much about those book signings and speaking engagements. In the publishing atmosphere these days only the biggest of the big get those. The rest of us do what happens to come our way or we don’t, whatever we decide we are comfortable with–and can afford!

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