Beautiful Battle by Mary DeMuth

I usually try to re-read my critique partners’ books before I post about them. Partly to refresh myself, since it has usually been a year since I’ve read it (and I’ve read a lot of other stuff since then!) and partly because it changes some from when I’ve read it to when it gets published. So I’m a little late posting about my friend Mary DeMuth‘s latest Christian living title, Beautiful Battle: A Woman’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare.

What I like about this book is the balance between God’s role in spiritual warfare and our part. In fact, much of this book talks about how we make choices that open us up to Satan’s attacks or how we fail to respond to spiritual attacks in light of God’s sovereignty and power. In her usual style of sharing through story, Mary tackles many issues that women in particular deal with in the realm of spiritual warfare. This is a practical book that will challenge you to think and to evaluate your own life in light of God’s truth.

If you feel beat down by the attacks of the enemy, I believe this book will be an encouragement to you.