Beginnings of Change

The season is beginning its change around our house. No, the leaves aren’t putting on their autumn colors or fluttering to the ground. And yet just as sure as new blades of grass signal the advent of spring, we are on the cusp of transformation.

Our oldest is leaving for college. Her departure is the first cold front that promises winter, the first 100-degree May day that warns of summer’s heat. In four short years we will have an empty nest. While we will enjoy the last years of our children in our house on a daily basis, we also plan to prepare for what lies ahead for just the two of us.

The season is changing. And I find that instead of wanting to hold on to the season that has passed, I’m embracing the one to come.

3 comments on “Beginnings of Change

  1. D'Ann,
    I feel your pain. Last August, all three of my children flew away from the nest. I felt the still small voice of God say, "It's not an empty nest, Janell, it is a new nest." I pray God prepares your heart for the upcoming ebb and flow of the next four years. Enjoy every up and down and savor the time you have left with them. It does change. I blogged quite a bit about it last year and will continue to do so — if you need any encouragement, you can read it on my blog,
    HUGS and Blessings, Janell

  2. Empty nests are a wonderful thing. And the birdies always come back if not to roost but to visit.

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