Say Cheese!

  In light of the fact that I have some exciting news this fall, I decided it was time to update my headshots! For a trip down headshot memory lane and a sneak peek at my new ones, come visit Inspired by Life … and Fiction! 

Canton, Missouri

  I recently took a research trip to Canton, Missouri! Visit Inspired by Life . . . and Fiction to see some pictures and read about the trip!   

June Reads

    Between travel, work, and family gatherings, it’s been a slower reading month. Which is hard for me. So here’s the short list:  Here is Hart’s Crossing by Robin Lee Hatcher This collection of novellas set in small town Montana were my first to read by Robin Lee Hatcher. They were delightful! I loved […]

Indulging My Inner Librarian

  I’m on Inspired by Life … and Fiction today talking about my ongoing project of cataloging my home library! Come see what it’s all about! 

Mystery Post

    I’m over on Inspired by Life … and Fiction today. Why “mystery post”? Because until I wrote it, it was a mystery to me what I would write! If you are curious, come on over! 

May Reads

  May is always busy, so I thought I’d read less. Nope. I continue to realize that the more the stress, the more reading time I find to relieve it! And that is even more evident given the nostalgic reading I did this month. So here goes for May of 2021! Discovering Grace by Sally […]

Summer Days

    For the first time in a long while, I’m excited about summer! If you want to know why, click over to read my post on Inspired by Life … and Fiction! 

Revisiting Savannah

  We recently revisited Savannah. It had been nine years since our first trip there. I always enjoy a second visit to a city. Come see why over on Inspired by Life … and Fiction! 

April Reads

April Reads

April has been a really busy month at our house. It feels more like life before the pandemic! Not in every aspect, but getting closer. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been reading! It’s quite a variety of types of books this month. Making the Marquess by Nichole Van This is the 4th of 5 […]

The Big Boston Birthday

    We celebrated our daughter’s 30th birthday a couple of weekends ago! Jump over to Inspired by Life … and Fiction for a recap of the fun and food of the trip!