Grateful. Thankful. Blessed.

  A week until Thanksgiving, but I’m looking back over this year and recognizing God’s kind hand of blessing in so many circumstances. Come read about it over on Inspired by Life … and Fiction! 

October Reads

This post will be short and sweet. Why? Two reasons. First, I’m still making my way through Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror & the Light. I’m currently around page 600, so 400 left to go! Woo-hoo! Second, our life erupted in unexpected chaos and drama this month. So much so that I couldn’t even focus to […]

Change is the Only Constant in Life

We’ve had 4 1/2 years of big changes in our lives, and now we are in the midst of change once again. I’m sharing my thoughts on this over at Inspired by Life … and Fiction today. Come visit! 

The Coffee Shop Conundrum

Good coffee or a good working space? Which would you choose?  I’m on Inspired by Life … and Fiction today talking about just that thing. Come join us! 

September Reads

My list is a bit shorter this month, although not really because I’ve been reading less. Mostly it is because I am working my way through The Mirror & the Light by Hilary Mantel, the third in the Wolf Hall trilogy. I love these historical novels but they are long and dense. I’m in the […]

Autumn Excitement

  The temperatures are slightly lower here in Texas, getting me excited for autumn! Come to Inspired by Life … and Fiction and discover the top 5 things I’m excited about as the days grow cooler and shorter. 

August Reads

  I’m a little late posting this, but I hope it will add to your “to read” list! We were able to take a few days away in August, which, of course, afforded even more time to read! I’m so thankful that my husband and I both consider it a successful “vacation” when we finish […]

Oak Apple Day

Have you ever heard of Oak Apple Day? I hadn’t. But then I ran across it in two different novels a few weeks ago, so I had to investigate! Come see what I found in my post on Inspired by Life … and Fiction. 

An Introvert’s Dream Vacation

We were able to get away for a few days recently. Not the trip we had originally planned for this summer, but it turned out to be one good for the soul. Come read all about it at Inspired by Life … and Fiction!