Book Fair

Yesterday, in spite of homecoming dance busyness, I took a few hours to help set up the book fair at school. I love the book fair. I’m a sucker for good children’s literature and, in this case, my purchases benefit our school library. To justify my itch to buy, I usually do some niece/nephew birthday and Christmas shopping at the book fair. Of course each year I also pick up one or two titles for myself, sometimes to put away and wrap for myself for Christmas, sometimes without even that pretense! 

But it isn’t just the buying part I enjoy. I also love working the book fair, helping parents and students find a book they will love, a book that will fuel their love of reading. It reminds me of the days early in my marriage where necessity intersected dreams in my job at a bookstore. Sometimes I miss being surrounded by books and by people who want to read and want to talk about what they’ve read. It’s what has made me occasionally toy with owning a bookstore of some sort. But then again, the work would cut into my reading time!

6 comments on “Book Fair

  1. Love good kid’s lit too. Profound insights in simple words. Or sometimes just plain funny stuff you’ve gotta giggle over. 🙂

  2. Ha! Y’all are insane! No way would I take on all that work at this point in my life! It’s a nice dream, but unfortunately I know the realities!

  3. From Rockwall, the city.

    To D’Ann the bibliophile.

    We need a bookstore here. We want you to run it. You can buy whatever you want. Enjoy!

    Love, Rockwall.

  4. I use to love the book fair growing up. I’d pour over the catalog for days in preparation. Have fun!

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