Breathing the Breath by Matt Redman

I have loved this song by Matt Redman for so very long. And it was the first thing that came to mind as I recently read in Exodus about the children of Israel making their contributions to the tabernacle. Because all those things they gave–the gold and silver and bronze, the jewels, the fabric–none of that was the possession of slaves. Those were the things God miraculously provided for them as they left Egypt. The things they freely and abundantly offered back to Him in worship.

We all have those things. Possessions. Giftings. Even, as Matt Redman reminds us in this song, the very breath that we breathe. Things He has given us that we give back to Him in worship. I don’t know about you, but I constantly need reminding both that my “possessions” (internal or external) are not of my own making and that they are not chiefly meant for my pleasure (though they do give that as well).

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2 comments on “Breathing the Breath by Matt Redman

  1. Amen, Anne. I know I can often hoard my gifts thinking I’ll use them for something great one day, only to realize I could have offered them up to the Lord and He would have used them mightily everyday. This is especially true with the gift of intercessory prayer. How often we think we need to be somewhere special, quiet, holy to pray, when often the very best place to pray is right where the need is made known. It is when you are driving down the road and you see an accident or a fire truck speeding by. It is when you get that text or FB post where someone mentions they are ill or facing a financial hardship. It is when you are in the midst of that struggle with your child or your spouse that the heart must call out to God and offer up the gift of intercession. And I find when I do embrace that moment, the real gift is being able to use my gifts. It was never about the gold, the jewels, the fancy fabric, it was about being able to be a part of creating a place for God to come and dwell with His people. A place of worship and of intimate fellowship. Thanks for sharing.

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