Broken Wings by Carla Stewart

I’ve been on a roll of reading good books lately. And it makes it even more fun that people I know—and often people I consider my friends—have written them!
Here’s the latest one I couldn’t put down:
Broken Wings is Carla Stewart’s second novel and is it wonderful! Of course, I love stories that involve the friendship between generations, and Mitzi and Brooke’s friendship, which begins in the emergency room, does not disappoint. I also loved the “historical” part of the story (Mitzi’s history) woven in on occasion. It was a story that tugged at my heartstrings. I couldn’t keep the tears from falling—mostly because by the end of the book, Mitzi and Brooke and the others truly lived in my imagination. I felt if I ran into them just around the corner, we’d embrace like old friends.
It’s a good one! You should get it!