Catching Up with the Seasons

No, I’m not confused about summer, winter, fall and spring. Lately I find myself running behind in the changing seasons of my life. Take the holidays, for instance. I’d been toodling along as usual, thinking I had plenty of time for everything. But I’d forgotten that my season in life is changing. Gone are the days when “Christmas vacation” meant two weeks of Mom getting to do her thing with no school events or carpooling duties. I could catch my breath–and catch up on my to do list while the kids laid around and played video games and watched movies.

Now the holidays mean my children come home to visit. I’m learning that this means I need to get all my “have to” stuff done before they arrive because I want to enjoy time with them while they are here. I don’t want to spend their visit with my head down, plowing through a huge to do list.

But I’d forgotten again. So yesterday I went on a shopping frenzy–both in stores and online. Today, it’s wrapping. By Thursday afternoon, I should be very, very close to completely done. Which is good, since my college kids roll into town on Saturday! I know I’ll eventually get comfortable with these new routines. And when I do, our seasons will change again and I will be running to catch up.

Is there something in your current season of life that you haven’t quite worked into your way of thinking or are you settled into your current season of life? (If you are settled, look out! That usually means you are on the cusp of a bump up to a different place!)