February Reads

February Reads

This month I tended to go back to authors I know and love. In fact, the only new-to-me authors this month were my non-fiction read, so let’s start there.  Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi I think this is definitely my most important read this month. This book is based on the Bored and Brilliant […]

Announcing . . .

    The print version of No Small Storm is now available! Woo-hoo! Get your copy here.      And to celebrate . . .  Be sure to share with your friends– and to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads. 

It’s Here!

Honestly, there were many days in the past 3 years when I wondered if I’d ever see another of my stories in published form. And now I know.  No Small Storm, a historical romance novella, released quietly at the end of this week, right on schedule. Yet how in the world could I have known when […]

Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

There are many, many authors I enjoy reading, but there isn’t the time to read every book they produce. But there are a few authors whose books I will not miss–even if I can’t get to them until months (or sometimes years!) after they are released. Elizabeth Camden is one of those authors. And it […]

Austen in Austin, vol. 1

I confess, I do love the reworking of classic stories. One of my favorites was a production of Shakespeare’s The Two Gentlemen from Verona set in Vernon, Texas, in the 1800s. So when  few friends of mine teamed up to rewrite Jane Austen’s classics in novella form set in 1800s Austin, Texas, I was so in! […]

Ebook sale!

At Every Turn is on sale for .99–but hurry! This special price ends on March 3. Find buy links here: http://www.annemateer.com/books-2/at-every-turn/ and share with your friends! Here’s the book summary: Caught up in a whirlwind of religious fervor when two missionaries speak at her church, Alyce Benson impetuously pledges three thousand dollars to mission work in […]