Debut Novelist Kimberly Duffy

  Today I’m giving my spot on Inspired by Life … and Fiction to debut novelist Kimberly Duffy. Come on over and read the heart behind her fiction. And then maybe you’ll want to go buy her book for yourself!   

February Reads

February Reads

This month I tended to go back to authors I know and love. In fact, the only new-to-me authors this month were my non-fiction read, so let’s start there.  Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zomorodi I think this is definitely my most important read this month. This book is based on the Bored and Brilliant […]

It’s Here!

Honestly, there were many days in the past 3 years when I wondered if I’d ever see another of my stories in published form. And now I know.  No Small Storm, a historical romance novella, released quietly at the end of this week, right on schedule. Yet how in the world could I have known when […]

Until the Dawn by Elizabeth Camden

There are many, many authors I enjoy reading, but there isn’t the time to read every book they produce. But there are a few authors whose books I will not miss–even if I can’t get to them until months (or sometimes years!) after they are released. Elizabeth Camden is one of those authors. And it […]

Like a Flower in Bloom by Siri Mitchell

I’ve loved every Siri Mitchell book I’ve read, so why it took me a year to get to Like a Flower in Bloom, I don’t know. Except that the cover was . . . flowery. And I’m not really a flower or gardening girl. And it was about botany. And I’m very much not a science […]

Tiffany Girl by Deeanne Gist

What better way to start off a new year than finishing a great book? I confess, it has been several years since I read a Deeanne Gist novel. Not that I haven’t liked her stories in the past, but they’ve gotten crowded out of my reading by other things. However, last May I heard Dee […]

Books that have WOWed me lately

Do you ever get on a string of reading where every single book mesmerizes you? I mean they aren’t just good, they keep you coming back to them, even when you don’t have time to read. Or, in my case, they caused me to literally have to read a chapter of each in rotation because […]

Recent Reads

I’ve been blowing through books, which often happens when my life feels out of control. But two of the three kids are settled now and the college student is home for just this week before heading back. And I expect that means my reading will dwindle a bit this fall as I hope to get […]

Historical Fiction Class in August

Once again I’ll be teaching my online class on writing historical fiction through Margie Lawson’s Writers Academy. I’d love for you to join us–or to pass along the info to someone you know who might be interested.