Debut Novelist Kimberly Duffy

  Today I’m giving my spot on Inspired by Life … and Fiction to debut novelist Kimberly Duffy. Come on over and read the heart behind her fiction. And then maybe you’ll want to go buy her book for yourself!   

The Doxology

  In spite of the hopeful nature of my previous post, in general I am an anxious person. I stress over things way beyond my control. It’s something the Lord and I have been working on for many years. So when Coronavirus hit the level of closures, I had to find a way to keep […]

In the Hands of a Merciful God

In my normal Bible reading time I found myself in I Chronicles the other day. I confess, this is one of my least favorite books of the Bible. The whole first half is genealogy and the second half is a recap of everything we just read in Samuel and Kings. But this day, in one […]

Doing vs Hearing

Our church had a prayer and communion service last night. My husband and I went because we both knew we needed our hearts to be centered on Jesus right now. As the pastor directed the congregation in prayer, he did so around the book of James. I’d forgotten how much good stuff (and by good […]

Guest blogging

I have a devotional blog post up at today. Come over and join me!   

50 things I’m thankful for as I turn 50

I confess, I wrote and deleted a very different post to mark my birthday today. It was much more . . . melancholy. But the morning after I wrote it I realized that my mindset is the fulcrum on which the emotional see-saw shifts, and I can control my thoughts. So I had this crazy […]

Grumbling and Complaining, Front and Center

Do you ever have those days when suddenly everything you see and read is on the same subject? And that subject brings conviction? Yep, that happened to me this week. In everything from my Bible reading to social media, grumbling and complaining stood front and center. When this happens, I’ve learned to stop and listen […]

When God Gives What You Least Expect

You might expect from the title of this post that I’m going to talk about something big. Something major. Like a book contract or a restored relationship or a physical healing. While I could tell you some stories about those things, what the Lord gave me last Friday that I least expected was a tiny […]

What 29 Years of Marriage Has Taught Me about the Love of God

We celebrated our anniversary last week. Twenty-nine years of marriage. There have definitely been ups and downs through those years, but the longer we are married (and the older I get!), the more I see how marriage puts flesh to spiritual truth. Which isn’t really surprising, since Paul tells us that marriage is meant to […]

Our New Community

I don’t always do community well. Especially Christian community. But in our move I knew we would need relationships. I would need relationships. But those don’t happen quickly for me. And since our move is somewhat temporary (1-3 years), I really didn’t know how I’d go about finding community, or at least finding it before it was […]