Another Engagment!

Our family continues to grow! Last Sunday our oldest son proposed to his girlfriend–and she said yes! We are thrilled to be getting another daughter-in-law!                

Welcome 2017!

  I know it’s been a while since I posted, so don’t fall over in a dead faint! But on this first day of 2017, I am feeling very grateful. Not only did the Lord bring us through a year of upheaval in 2016, He has given us much to look forward to in 2017! […]

Galveston, O Galveston

We went to visit our girl over the Labor Day weekend. Although I had been with her to pick out, move into, and put together her apartment, her daddy hadn’t been able to see it yet. Nor had he seen the campus that would be her home for the next five or so years.   […]

Summer of Chaos Comes to a Close

Way back at the beginning of this year, I knew this summer would be chaos. I just didn’t realize until March how chaotic it would truly be! I don’t even want to know how many boxes I’ve packed and moved. How many miles I’ve driven. (I’m talking actually driven, not been the passenger!) How much […]

They’re Here! (Almost)

It’s Thanksgiving week and all my chickadees are home! Well, almost. The oldest (our girl) arrives Tuesday morning. The youngest (in the suit) will breeze in Tuesday afternoon. And our middle child will roll in just about bedtime. But then we’ll have three entire days of all three of them home. We will miss our […]

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

I find myself singing the songs from Rogers & Hammerstein’s State Fair when fall arrives. In the 1962 movie version, they moved the State Fair of the show from Iowa to Texas, which, of course, you find the biggest and best of all the state fairs! Attending the State Fair of Texas is a big […]

New School Year, New Projects

Even though I no longer have students actually living in my house, my kids’ lives are still dictated by the school calendar. My daughter embarked on her final year of her master’s degree program last week. My middle child had his first day of school on Monday–this time as the teacher! And my youngest gets […]

Another Real Grown Up in the Family

Last weekend we moved child number two into his own apartment in Arkansas, where he will begin his first teaching job (4th grade). That means 2 of our 3 are “real” grownups with full time jobs to support themselves. I can’t believe we only have one left in college now! Here are a few pictures […]

D.C. Comes Full Circle

If you’ve been around here a little while you’ll know that my husband and I met in Washington D.C. We were both there on summer internships. In fact, this summer is the 30th anniversary of that meeting. As you can imagine, it was quite special for us when our youngest embarked on his own Washington […]

My New Favorite Parenting Book

My New Favorite Parenting Book

It’s not a book, really. More of a short story. Yes, it’s fiction. But perhaps one of the most insightful pieces of fiction, especially as a caution to parents. The other amazing fact about it? It was written nearly 150 years ago, yet the picture of the pitfalls of raising children rings true even now […]