50 things I’m thankful for as I turn 50

I confess, I wrote and deleted a very different post to mark my birthday today. It was much more . . . melancholy. But the morning after I wrote it I realized that my mindset is the fulcrum on which the emotional see-saw shifts, and I can control my thoughts. So I had this crazy […]

A New Monday Feature–Light My Way

Hey y’all! I figured it was time to shake things up a bit, so I’m abandoning my Sunday Psalm and instituting a new feature which will appear on Mondays. I’m calling it “Light My Way.” Let me explain. Way back in January I found myself considering what kind of plan I wanted for my Bible […]

Don’t Stop Learning

Don’t Stop Learning

It’s no secret that my husband and I would have remained college students forever if we could have. We love learning. We love living in an environment of ideas. So as I take my youngest to his college registration/orientation today, I feel a bit jealous. Just reading some of his class titles for the Great […]

When My Mind Works Best

Picture the scene: The blue sky deepens to black. The house darkens, room by room, and grows still. Quiet settles. It is time to sleep. Or is it? Precisely at that moment when everyone else in my house drifts into dreamland, my mind kicks into high gear. I’ve thought out amazing plot lines in those […]