Cover Reveal!

Cover Reveal!

I love finding obscure bits of history that I can build a story around. My soon-to-come novella came about in just that way. As I was looking through some history timelines, I came across a reference to The Toledo War in Ohio. With a little more digging, i discovered that the state of Ohio and […]

Summer of Chaos Comes to a Close

Way back at the beginning of this year, I knew this summer would be chaos. I just didn’t realize until March how chaotic it would truly be! I don’t even want to know how many boxes I’ve packed and moved. How many miles I’ve driven. (I’m talking actually driven, not been the passenger!) How much […]

Why I’m OK with not hitting my Nanowrimo goal

NaNoWriMo ends today, and I’ve only written 30,000 words.¬†And I’m okay with that. Why? Because I wrote as often as I could in a busy month. Because in the 30K words I wrote I learned so much about my characters and the direction their stories will take–which is a little different from what I thought […]

Two Heads Can Be Better Than One

  Last Friday I went over to my friend Lori’s house for a “writing day.” Actually, we watched a few episodes of Stan Williams’s Storycraft series and then attempted to apply the concepts to our current WIPs. (A WIP is a Work In Progress, for you non-writers.) I’ve done this kind of work on my […]

New School Year, New Projects

Even though I no longer have students actually living in my house, my kids’ lives are still dictated by the school calendar. My daughter embarked on her final year of her master’s degree program last week. My middle child had his first day of school on Monday–this time as the teacher! And my youngest gets […]

Historical Fiction Class in August

Once again I’ll be teaching my online class on writing historical fiction through Margie Lawson’s Writers Academy. I’d love for you to join us–or to pass along the info to someone you know who might be interested.

Posting on ACFW Blog Today!

I’m over on the ACFW blog today applying a math concept (greater than) to the writing life. Come visit!    

What (in my opinion) historical fiction is NOT

What (in my opinion) historical fiction is NOT

I love historical fiction. I love reading it. I love writing it. I love the “realness” that fictional characters bring to historical events and facts. But not too long ago I read a historical novel that, in my opinion, wasn’t a novel at all. First understand: this was a NYT Bestseller when it was released. […]

Online Writing Class Starts Wednesday!

Online Writing Class Starts Wednesday!

It’s that time again–time to teach a new group of students how to give their fiction a “historical” feel for the reader. It’s so much more than just setting the story in a different year from the present! Come join us yourself or pass the info to a friend. Here’s the class info (this class […]