The Bestseller Society

Three publishing industry insiders have been working behind the scenes for the past several months in a secret author lab. Well, not really, but they’ve kept the secret since December. Thomas Unstated, Jeff Gerke and Mary DeMuthThe Bestseller Society, and they’re really excited about it. Why did they create this site? Because they got a […]

Easy Ways to Keep Up With Anne Mateer

Seems odd to write a blog post with such a title, but I especially after making the switch to the new site and adding to it little by little, I thought it might be good to highlight a few new features in the sidebar. First, at the top you’ll see round red buttons. From there […]

Back at Home

It’s been a surreal two days. After ten years of writing, never knowing if anything more would come of it than a sense of having accomplished writing a novel, I found myself in meetings with Bethany House, my publisher, at the their offices in Minneapolis. It was an awesome time of getting to know the […]