Celebrating A Home for My Heart

Such a fun day on Saturday. First, let me say a huge THANK YOU to the Barnes and Noble at Firewheel Town Center in Garland! I’ve done three launch weekend signings there and they have been such a pleasure to work with. I love that the manager likes to have events going on in his store!

Another huge THANK YOU to all who came out! Several of you drove over an hour to be there. I am completely humbled by your sacrifice! There is always that anxiety of “will anyone show up,” but thanks to you all, I never had time to worry about that. There were people there the entire 2 hours, with no lulls! I’m am very, very blessed by such wonderful friends and family!

Here are a few pictures of the fun. To see the entire album, click here.






4 comments on “Celebrating A Home for My Heart

  1. Anne – I wish I’d been there. You look amazing, and so many happy readers! Glad that the launch was a success! Psst – in case you haven’t heard – you were at ACFW in a big way – A giant stack of your books was on the freebie table and flying off quickly. I saw lots of people carrying your book around. I snagged one myself and will do a giveaway on my blog soon. Need to recoup from Indy first.

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