Celebrating Life

Easter around my house brings unique thoughts of new life. My first child was born on March 28, 1991, the Thursday before Easter. We came home from the hospital on Saturday and celebrated Easter Sunday morning at home with our three-day-old baby.

My second child was born on April 8, 1993, ten days after my daughter’s second birthday and also on the Thursday before Easter! Again, we came home on Saturday and celebrated Easter Sunday morning with a newborn baby.

So Easter around our house often encompasses birthday celebrations as well as the celebration of the Lord’s death and resurrection. And this year, child #2’s birthday fell on Easter Sunday.

I am truly amazed and humbled by the grace of God, by the new life given to my by Jesus’ death and life, as I look at my children. I couldn’t be a mother without the Lord in my life. It just isn’t in me to be patient and kind and loving. But those things have grown in me as I’ve grown in the Lord.

So as I celebrated Easter on Sunday, I celebrated life—Jesus’, my own, and my children’s.

4 comments on “Celebrating Life

  1. Yes, I think perhaps I’m a bit dense so the Lord had to give me not one but two reminders of new life at Easter time.

  2. How wonderful to have the idea of “new life” represented so powerfully in your home at Easter time!

  3. What a lovely reminder of his gifts each year… despite the pain, it was all about life.

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