Changing My Thinking

I often think of my words in terms of novels, blog posts, short stories, and articles. When I do this, I forget that sometimes—perhaps most times—my words are meant for a more personal mission. 

At this moment, several people in my life are going through some very hard times. Financial issues. Health issues. Marriage and family issues. I often pray for these things. I consider it such a privilege to lift my friends and family before the Throne of Grace. But I confess that I do not often enough use my words to send an encouraging note, whether handwritten or via email. I forget that the skill of communication I’ve been given is to be used in private as well as public arenas. 

I’m not sure why this is the case. Each week after our Moms in Touch prayer time, we always write a short note to the teachers and staff who have been prayed for that week, letting them know what we prayed for them and encouraging them as they do their jobs within our school. Why don’t I think to do this after my personal prayer time? 

Perhaps it’s a matter of changing my thinking, of making it a habit. Perhaps it is a matter of listening more closely to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit. Whatever it is, I intend to remedy the situation. After all, now that this has come to my attention, I know what is the right thing to do. To not do it would be sin.