Choices of the Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes

I have loved Laurie Alice Eakes’s Midwives series. Each story has been unique–and wonderful. This third installment, focusing on the daughter of the midwife from the first book, is no exception. Set against the backdrop of a feuding Appalachian family in the 1840s, the story winds and twists like a rushing river. Like all of Laurie Alice’s stories, the characters capture and hold you, the deep, rich story keeps pulling you forward, and the writings itself adds unobtrusive beauty to it all. Once I got started, it was hard to put down. In fact, I spent one afternoon when I’d meant to be writing finishing this book instead!

Here’s the backcover blurb.

Esther Cherrett comes from a proud line of midwives and was trained by her mother to take over the family calling. But when a scandal threatens all she holds dear, Esther takes a position as a teacher in the western mountains of Virginia instead. There she finds herself in the midst of a deadly family feud and courted by two men on opposite sides of the conflict. When it seems as though her past has followed her all the way into the mountains, all she wants is to run away again.

In this gripping story of trust, deception, and bittersweet loss, a young woman learns the true meaning of choices of the heart.

If you enjoy romance laced with both drama and a strong spiritual thread, I highly recommend Choices of the Heart.

7 comments on “Choices of the Heart by Laurie Alice Eakes

  1. Oh, this looks so good. I’m always looking for new authors to try. I just added you to my ‘to read’ shelf. 🙂

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  3. Thank you, ladies. I appreciate the kind words. I am a huge Christy fan, probably read it about five times, but not for about twenty years. Somewhere in my psyche, I probably drew from that. I also lived in Appalachia for several years and wouldn’t complain if the Lord saw fit to send me back. I love it there. Some of my family lives there.

    • Thanks for stopping by Laurie Alice! Your familiarity with Appalachia and love for it shows clearly in the book! We love your stories! 🙂

  4. Ooh, ooh, I’m excited to read this one. I’ve enjoyed each Laurie Alice Eakes book I’ve read. And oh, anything in the Appalachians always sucks me in…which is probably due to my Christy obsession from years ago. 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • I know what you mean about Appalachia settings. It definitely has some Christy-esque qualities. Laurie Alice does such a great job with everything she writes!

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