Code Blue by Richard Mabry

I met Dr. Richard Mabry in March of 2005. We were in the same Fiction Mentoring Clinic, under the tutelage of Gayle Roper, at the Mount Herman Christian Writers Conference. I discovered that Richard lived in the DFW metroplex, as I did, though we’d had to go to California to meet. An avid baseball fan and a retired doctor, I enjoyed critiquing his novel that dealt with both and visiting with both him and his lovely wife.
Five years later, I got to hold Richard’s first published novel in my hands! Code Blue came out recently and Richard graciously provided a copy for my enjoyment. And I did enjoy it! Not that I didn’t know Richard was a good writer. I’ve known that for a long time. But medical suspense isn’t what I read by choice. (Besides being a scaredy-cat, I finagled my way out of Biology in both high school and college!)
Yet I enjoyed his book. Good characters. An interesting plot. A satisfying ending. Enough medical terminology, but not blood and gore. Tension and suspense, but not terror and nightmares.
I can actually say I’m looking forward to reading the next one!

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  1. Yes, I know you are a faithful reader, Doc! And one I'm glad to call friend!

    I know y'all will make him feel welcome up in OK, Carla!

  2. As a nurse, I loved biology and all related subjects and now, as a reader (and writer), I love medical stories. I'm looking forward to reading Doc's book and hearing him speak when he comes to our writers' group in Aug.

    Congrats, Doc, on a job well done.

  3. D'Ann, What a pleasant surprise to read your blog post today (as I do every day when you post–honest, I do) and see this about CODE BLUE. Thanks for the kind words.
    You know, I still hope to eventually whip that first novel into shape, the one about a failed baseball player who goes into medicine, and see if there's anyone out there who might want to publish it. In the meantime, guess I'll stick with "medical suspense with heart."
    Be blessed, friend. And thanks again.

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