Connectivity Issues

I can’t use my DSL. Apparently my modem is defective. My 5-month-old modem. The helpful people at AT&T informed me it would be 5-7 business days before my new one will arrive. No possiblity of overnighting the thing. Not even if I paid for it. “It’s in the system, ma’am. There’s nothing we can do to speed it up.” Now it’s dial up or use someone else’s. So I’m at my parents house right now.

The thing is, in this day and age, with our dependence on the Internet for business (my husband often works from home, as do I) and schools (grades, emailing teachers, homework updates, etc), you’d think the companies would understand that even a day without access is more than just inconvenient. You could miss something important! And of course we have delivery companies that span the globe in a matter of hours, but apparently AT&T refuses to use them–even if it means happier customers. The almighty dollar still reigns supreme in American corporations. And we all pay with our time.

I wish I could switch–take my business elsewhere–but with the hassle of the changeover and the fact that we have an entire package of services with them, I don’t think it will happen. Instead, I’ll spend the next few days fuming as I travel around in search of an internet connection, praying the UPS driver pulls up to my house sooner than expected.

4 comments on “Connectivity Issues

  1. Fume away, girl! The internet is today’s biggest blessing and biggest curse. Cause of new relationships and anger management.

  2. D’Ann,
    Oh, do I ever sympathize with you. We’ve become tethered to our world by that ethernet cable, you and I–and pretty much everyone else I know. We even look for “free wireless internet access” when we choose a hotel. Here’s hoping your modem arrives soon.

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