The school year of saying yes when I shouldn’t have is coming to a close. Finally. I have floundered in my writing because I said yes to a volunteer job I shouldn’t have, to a job I thought would be no big deal but grew into a monster that ate my time and energy. My husband told me not to take the position, but I didn’t listen. Then I literally had to set aside my writing from September to January and March to May.  I thought, at first, that it was a “denying myself” setting aside. But I’ve figured out it wasn’t. It was disobedience, plain and simple. It was a setting aside of what the Lord called me to do to instead do what man asked of me. So I’ve spent this school year living out the consequence of a wrong choice. 

All I can say is it sure makes me want to obey the voice of the Lord next time. 

3 comments on “Consequences

  1. Oh man, have I been there. What’s even more maddening is that my last “overcommitment” was in a church position. Only by God’s grace did I come out of that unscarred. Praying that your faithfulness to follow through will reap multiplied blessings in your writing.

  2. I wish we all learned the easy way, but often the lessons we learn the hard way are the lessons that stick. Praying!

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