Cookie Monster

Around my house, we love all kinds of cookies, especially at Christmas. Cookies are oneย of our favorite holiday traditions. My kids still love to join their cousins at my parents’ house for the traditional cut-out sugar cookie baking, followed by artistic creations with colored powdered-sugar dressing and lots of sprinkles.

While I’ve managed to be successful at some cookies over the years, now that I have a daughter who knows her way around the kitchen, cookies (and in that, I include “bars” of various kinds!) are a premium. We try the ones that win newspaper contests. We make old favorites. We whip through flour and eggs and sugar faster than boiling water melts snow. We pack them in tins and fill glass Christmas trays. We even give a few away! But mostly we enjoy the experience of them. Not just the making of the cookies, but the smell of them that fills the house and the pairing them with hot chocolate or coffee on a cold winter’s evening in front of a fire or while enjoying a Christmas movie. Cookies and Christmas just go together at our house. Do they at yours?

What is your family’s favorite Christmas baked treat? Do you mix in new recipes or keep to the tried and true?

7 comments on “Cookie Monster

  1. For the first time in all my years of living overseas, I finally asked mom to send me some butterscotch chips so I can make Ks! Of course I have to substitute maple syrup for corn syrup, but hoping they will turn out, something about those treats we grew up with that reminds me of the holidays no matter where we live!

    • How fun! I hope they turn out good. I can’t have Christmas without K’s–and apparently my kids can’t, either! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Hi, oh I love homemade cookies!!! I usually like oats cookies, chocolate or carob cookies, jam cookies!!! Oh, and don’t forget the fruit cake! Yum, yum! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • You might like this, Shirley. My daughter made some chocolate shortbread cookies with raspberry jam in the middle. Can’t wait to try those! Have to admit I’m not a fruitcake fan, though.

      • Chocolate shortbread cookies with raspberry jam! Yummy, I would love to try those cookies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Peppernuts here! It’s not Christmas unless I get them made. I’m hoping to have time to try out a new cut-out cookie recipe this year – Salt Cookies. If I don’t get to them, I’m going to let the grandkids make them over New Year’s. They love to “help” in the kitchen!

    Merry Christmas!

    • What are peppernuts? Are they nuts or something sweet? Salt cookies sound interesting. My daughter just made salted caramel pretzel bark and peppermint oreo balls. Can’t wait to see how those turned out!

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