Cry, The Beloved Country

I try to sprinkle books that are considered classics into my reading diet. For me, this generally means novels written prior to the 20th century. But sometimes I like to stretch myself.

When my son brought home his copy of Cry, the Beloved Country (it wasn’t required reading so he never actually read it), I nabbed it for my “to read” shelf.

I knew it was a novel about South Africa, but beyond that I really didn’t have any expectations. I certainly didn’t imagine such a moving story of faith and forgiveness and redemption. In fact, I had to stop and grab a highlighter as I read–a rarity for me in a novel. But the truth in this book was so profound as to warrant remembering. The characters were so real in both their faith and their failings. Yes, it was a big story, a story about a country, and a continent. But it was also a story about humanity, about us as individuals grappling with life and change and sorrow all through the light of faith.

Seriously, if you haven’t read this book,  you should. It will live in my head and my heart for a very long time.

Cry the beloved country