D.C. Comes Full Circle

If you’ve been around here a little while you’ll know that my husband and I met in Washington D.C. We were both there on summer internships. In fact, this summer is the 30th anniversary of that meeting. As you can imagine, it was quite special for us when our youngest embarked on his own Washington D.C. summer internship in June. (History won’t completely repeat itself. He already has a nice girlfriend!)

But even more special was a perfect storm of scheduling that put hubby in DC on business on a weekend that all the rest of us were available for travel, too! So for the first time since our kids were young, we all ended up in DC together–our r first “all together” since Christmas. We’ve come to cherish the times this happens, because with 3 kids in 3 states it doesn’t happen often! To top off the excitement, my sister-in-law’s family joined us for a day and a half, giving the “big” cousins time to interact with the younger ones.

It was an amazing thing to be in the city that has been so special to us with our three 20-somethings, each of them at or just beyond where we were in our lives during that summer 30 years ago. I couldn’t have asked for a better four days. We did tons of sightseeing, had great weather, ate fabulous food, and enjoyed one another’s company, although my feet hurt from logging just under 40 miles in 4 days! And it was fun to experience our youngest as capitol tour guide (like his dad was all those years ago!) when we joined a tour he was leading for the constituents of the congressman he is working for. (He did a great job.)

DC, Full Circle

The next time we’ll all be together will be Thanksgiving, the Lord willing, so we soaked up every moment of togetherness and savored DC coming full circle in our lives.