Did They Really Mean That?

Don’t you just love public signs that don’t really mean what they first imply? I found this one yesterday at the Cotton Bowl, site of the annual UT-OU football game.

It’s even funnier when seen with the sign on the other side of the steps.

Seriously, we had a great time at the State Fair indulging in our annual fried food binge. We watched part of the Waffle House Waffle Eat-Off. Those people are insane! After 2 minutes some had already eaten 12 waffles! We watched a cooking demonstration by the Executive chef at the Mansion on Turtle Creek—and even got to sample the dish afterwards. And we marveled at a sand castle of the Dallas skyline.

3 comments on “Did They Really Mean That?

  1. That is completely hilarious. That’s a good one to send to Letterman or Leno – whoever does those funny sign bits.

  2. I’m glad someone else found it funny! My husband and I laughed about it all afternoon!

    I think they meant you could leave through that gate at half time only. At least that’s what I came up with after thinking about it for awhile.

    Still, quite funny!

  3. I gotta admit, that’s hilarious. Especially since I don’t have a clue what they’re really intending to say.

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