Easy Ways to Keep Up With Anne Mateer

Seems odd to write a blog post with such a title, but I especially after making the switch to the new site and adding to it little by little, I thought it might be good to highlight a few new features in the sidebar.

First, at the top you’ll see round red buttons. From there you can reach my Twitter page, my Facebook page, and my Pinterest page.

Below my picture, you’ll notice three “subscribe” options. The first two refer to these blog posts. Want them in your blog reader feed (such as Google Reader and others)? Click the big orange button and select your feed reader of choice.Β Prefer to receive posts in your email inbox? There’s a sign up for that, too.

Then the newest box, the one below the blog subscribe buttons, is for my “newletter” signup. It won’t really be a newsletter–at least not right away. It will simply be a twice yearly update and release reminder. So if you want to be reminded when new books come up, pop your email address in that sign up box and confirm your subscription.

Now you know.

4 comments on “Easy Ways to Keep Up With Anne Mateer

  1. Thanks for making it easy to keep up with you. πŸ˜‰ I signed up for the newsletter — seeing your name in my inbox makes me smile.

    I’m excited to see you’re speaking at OKC Fiction Writers & attending ACFW, too. Ah, the life of a busy author!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

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