I take a limited number of freelance editing projects per year. After an initial 5 page edit to make sure you are comfortable with my editing style--I'm not mean, but I don't sugar-coat the truth--and to help me figure out the time it will take to edit your entire project, I will then give you an estimate for the completed work based on my rate of $50/hr. Your final bill will never be more than the estimate, and it will often be less. 

If you are interested in my availability or further details, please email: anne (at) annemateer (dot) com.

Anne Mateer has edited all my novels. She has the uncanny ability to know when best to start a chapter, a scene, a book. And she has a teacher's heart, wooing you toward your best storytelling. Insightful, encouraging, and a skillful writing coach.
~ Mary DeMuth, author of The Muir House

I'm beyond grateful for Anne Mateer's expertise as an editor on my soon to release novella. Anne provided detailed, thoughtful feedback. Her dedicated focus exemplified her passion for helping to improve the story. Anne's grammatical revisions and overall content suggestions were phenomenal. I love how she offered insight in a way that still respected the vision and voice of the story. Anne's gifted and I highly recommend her as an editor.
~ Wendy Paine Miller, author of The Disappearing Key