Fill a Shoebox!

I love, love, love the Operation Christmas Child program run by Samaritan’s Purse. Our family has participated for many years and you may have read here before that during my daughter’s first mission trip to Ghana she was so blessed to help pass out these shoebox packages to the village children. When she came home she told us we needed to fill more boxes, even if with less things, because there were never enough for all the children. So we do. We save our shoeboxes all through the year and fill as many as we can. (This works very well during the years of kids with quickly growing feet!) Last year Samaritan’s Purse even implemented a tracking system where if you pay the shipping cost of each box online, you can print the label for it and they will email you later and let you know what country received your shoeboxes.
This is the official shoebox collection week and we are busy getting ours done. So how about you? Are you participating this year? Even one shoebox helps and is so appreciated by the child that receives it.

2 comments on “Fill a Shoebox!

  1. I love Op. Christmas Child too! I need to wrap our shoeboxes, but we've purchased all of the items. Thanks for sharing — you've inspired me to post on it, too!

    I miss you!

  2. We turned ours in yesterday. Kay had a great time shopping to fill it. (I just pushed the cart and produced the credit card). Thanks for letting others know about this worthwhile effort.

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