Finding Kindred Spirits

kindred spirits


Like Anne Shirley, I used to think kindred spirits were hard to find in this world. But also like Anne Shirley, I’ve come to realize they are not. My transition to that understanding is partly due to the fact that over the past few years I’ve finally identified who my kindred spirits are: They are people who love to read.

These are not casual readers, mind you, but those who always have a new book going. Or want to talk about what they’ve just read.

They are people that give good book recommendations and people who want to know what books I’d suggest for their lists.

They are very often also people who love reading Scripture as well as the stuff written by us mere mortals.

They are people who don’t just see the words they read, they digest them. They are thinkers, willing to listen and ponder as well as talk, ready to relate life to story and story to life.

They are introverts. They are extroverts.

They are of a similar age to me. They are far removed from my generation.

They are as varied in time and place and tastes as books themselves.

I’ve sometimes found them in unusual places, like the┬ástands at a kids’ sporting event, in front of my child’s classroom, at writing conferences and groups, online and even in my own family. I’ve conversed with kindred spirits on facebook and twitter and even pinterest over the mention of a book or a character or a story and found them on wonderful blogs that capture the joy of a good story.

Every single day a kindred spirit crosses my path, and I love that. I love that God made us to connect with one another, no matter our starting place. My starting place just happens to be books.

So who are your kindred spirits and where do you find them?