Finding the Right Fit

I tried to go clothes shopping the other day. But clothes shopping depresses me. Clothes are not made for long-legged people. They just aren’t. Just like shoes aren’t made for skinny-footed people. Especially sandals. So after trying on a dressing room full of rejects, I hung the clothes back on a rod, turned to my mother and said, “This is why I prefer shopping for books. They always fit.”
So there you have it. One of these days I’ll only own pjs and books. And I’ll be quite happy. As long as the kitchen is stocked, that is. Of course that might be difficult in the pjs. Perhaps this plan needs more work.

6 comments on “Finding the Right Fit

  1. Poor baby. I think you should definitely stick to the PJ's, books, and of course throw in the chocolate and some beach time. 🙂

  2. I'm with Ashley – I have trouble because pants are always too long…so if they don't fit long-legged people, and they don't fit short-legged people…who do they fit??

  3. LOL, y'all!

    Ok, Cheryl. I can do the beach because Land's End actually makes bathing suits that fit me!

    Of course they'll be chocolate, Steena. In fact, I think I'll go get some right now.

    Dresses aren't so good either, Ashley. When they fit in the body they just look like they don't fall in the right place (too short–not modesty wise sometimes, but just look awkward). Sigh.

  4. You can't go wrong with dresses! Unless, of course, they are too short. 🙂 I have the opposite problem … too petite. A lot of my pants need to be hemmed, but I prefer dresses so there ya have it!

    True about the books, though! Except I've been having a tough time finding a fit there as well. I begin to really love an author and I'll read the next book and I can barely finish it without getting distracted.

  5. Sounds like a great plan to me! The only thing better might be an umbrella, white sand, beach chair and of course, a book. 🙂

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