Fine Results in Fine Arts

Long ago, when I was in the 4th grade, I got a B (or a C, I don’t remember) on an art project. Mostly I remember it wasn’t an A and I told the teacher I’d tried so hard and she told me it didn’t matter how hard I tried, that my art wasn’t good enough to get an A. I decided then and there I wasn’t artistic. Which I’m not. But I assumed this extended to my children. Which apparently it doesn’t.

In our school’s district art competition, my daughter took home two 2nd place medals—mixed media and watercolors—and my son took 1st place in pen and ink drawing! WOW! I was floored! So we will take those pieces on to the state competition next month.

My drama queen daughter (and yes, she gets it from me) also garnered 2nd place in solo acting with her Fantine monologue from Les Miserables.

I guess you could say our family had a good day. Two kids. Four events. Three 2nd place medals. One 1st place medal.

I guess you can tell I’m not a proud mama or anything!

2 comments on “Fine Results in Fine Arts

  1. Thanks, Carla!

    I know y’all get sick of reading about my kids, but right now they are the majority of my world–and they won’t be in my house that much longer! I have to enjoy them while I can!

    And yes, the words seem to be flying from my fingers these days!

  2. You must be very proud of your kids. They are most fortunate to have a mom like you to cheer them on. Writing is your art–words strung together like pearls make a lovely creation. Glad you are getting a lot of words written.

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