Galleys and Edits and Speeches, Oh My!

The next three weeks will require lots of stamina and lots of faith! I have my galleys–the printed pages with line edit notes–for A Home for My Heart, which releases in September. They have to be read, revised and in the mail by April 18. I’ve handed my new manuscript off to my critique partners. I have to revise that book after I see their comments and have it to my editor by May 1–the same day I am giving a speech (which I haven’t yet written) to a woman’s club that invited me back after I talked to them last year. (I’m still amazed at the return invitation!)

I know that my work is my worship, therefore I want it to be the best I have to offer. And yet I approach each of these tasks with little confidence in my own abilities. I must reply completely on the Lord to do this thing that I then give back to Him. So I covet your prayers over these next three weeks, should the Lord bring me to mind. I trust that He will be faithful. It’s my own weaknesses I worry about!

4 comments on “Galleys and Edits and Speeches, Oh My!

  1. The best part about this admission is that you realize you are in a place of deficiency. Then you can whip out a promise to stand on: “When I am weak, He is made strong.” Also see Nehemiah 8:10 & Psalm 21:1 for two sides of His joy. Gods joy is both our strength as well as His strength our joy. So, either way we are walking in assurance of His provision. Hope to see you today.

    • Thank you for those good words of encouragement today! I’m planning to be there this morning. 🙂

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