I realize that not everyone can suspend their disbelief far enough to enjoy a book based on the premise of time travel. But I think everyone with an overactive imagination and a love of history (like me!) has fantasized about time travel at one time or another. So it’s no wonder that historical time travels are ever-present in the world of literature. 

I just finished reading a very fun one. Gallimore by Michelle Griep was a great read. Filled with romance, suspense, unlikely friendships, and historical detail, Gallimore held me suspended between the world of today and that of medieval England as I followed the adventures of modern-day woman Jessica Neale and Gallimore’s knight Sir Colwyn Haukswyrth, two hurting people from two very different worlds. 

It is through books like Gallimore that time travel is possible, because you get a feeling not only of another place and time, but the difficulty of reconciling that with the way we live and view life today. So if you are hankering for a trip back to the 14th century, try Gallimore. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, D’Ann! I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit to the past, but I’ll be you’re even happier you live in the present, eh?

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