Galveston With My Girl

My daughter and I had a lovely time in Galveston last week. We found her an apartment, walked on the beach, spent some time in the historic district and ate some great food. We also enjoyed our down time in a cute little garage apartment we found through Airbnb.

I think we both left relieved that she will have a much easier transition when she moves in July than when she arrived in Philadelphia two years ago. Galveston, after all, is Texas. The island is small and easy to learn. By our second day there we didn’t even need our GPS much. And UTMB is very inviting. I could imagine her there the moment I set foot on campus.

She’s grown up a lot in the past two years. Now, Master’s degree in hand, she’ll move into the next phase of her education–the one that will end with a Dr. in front of her name. I’m so proud, not only of all she has accomplished, but of the woman she’s become. A gracious answer to many, many prayers by my God who does immeasurably more than I can ask or think.

Elizabeth and me

Elizabeth and me before the apartment search began!


The cute courtyard she'll overlook from her balcony.

The cute courtyard she’ll overlook from her balcony.

The beach, a couple of blocks from her apartment complex.

The beach, a couple of blocks from her apartment complex.


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